Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sept. 26 mesothelioma day!

Here's a link to help support this totally preventable cancer.


Monday, February 11, 2013

Little sis bedroom makeover!

So this is my first total room makeover. I wanted something light clean and easy to maintain for my little sister who is 18. Her room before pics are amazing her room was a hot mess which makes for awesome after pics.


Ok now the afters. I painted the whole room a light gray. The perfect background for any color pops we want to add. 

 We used old belts and hooks to make a display for her jewelry.  She has a ton and now it's all there so she can see it as she is getting ready. Her earrings we poked through some braided belts and it looks so cute.
 This mint green dresser turned out adorable so light. It was a dark brown mess she had hid in the closet   now it's out and so much easier to use.
 This was the big fat diamond ring in this room. It totally made the room so special. It's out of old fence wood my neighbor gave me. I just hand painted the saying on and then polyed the crap out of it so it would be smooth enough she could lean against to do homework and stuff. Then we just screwed it right to the wall.
 Ok this pic sucks but you get the idea. the curtains were drop cloths. We just hung as is.

 And last of all the cute bed side lamp. As you can see the bed pretty much takes up this whole wall there really wasn't room for nightstands or lamps. So we just sprayed this bad boy gold, and hung it next to the bed. I love the touch of sparkle it adds and the weird shape. So that's about it. All done in two days and for about $200 in supplies mostly paint. It's so much more grown up and when she flies the nest. It's a calm and soothing backdrop to whatever my parents want this room to be.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Ply wood Octopus art!

Say that five times fast! Ok It's not that hard, and either is this piece. Honestly a $20 dollar piece of plywood is now a 3ft by 4ft amazing, amazing wall art. Who doesn't have $20 bucks, and a huge empty wall? Well alot of people but if your not one of them then I totally recommend you try this. Are you ready? TADA Major Octopus

 So here's how, the how to goes. Take gigantic piece of plywood, I choose to white wash this bad boy first. Then I got my octopus outline printed it on a transparency (which you can just do from your printer) Then I traced this bad boy on  like so
 You trace all the lines and mark with an x all the places you want to drill out. This gives the pic an amazing texture and dimension. Then you take your dremmel and drill forever. I mean forever.

 Like so The attachment on now is just a sanding bit I used to smooth out what I carved away. The drill bit looks a little different. So you carve.......
And keep carving. Then you take stain whatever color you want. You could start out staining the whole board and then carve out the picture to reveal lighter wood. Or you could stain light and then fill in the pic with darker stain.That's what I did here I filled in the pic with a light oak stain. It just made it pop a little more against the white background. Then I polyurethaned the whole thing and hung it! K one last look it really is so amazing and the pics don't do it justice.

All for $20 bucks Crazy Awesome!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Awesome multi colored funky dresser!

Yes it is all those things and my favorite piece yet! I'm dead serious I'm in love with this dresser. It makes me want to spray every thing in my house! I don't have a before I thought I did but I don't I redid this piece like for years ago so it wasn't really that bad. Just all red with shiny silver knobs. Now it's so great I hope your ready for this.............. TADA!

I warned you perfection right! I used Killz to prime and please take your time on this step a better prime coat makes everything turn out better. So I did two coats of primer. Then Krylon High gloss white for the dresser and the knobs. The drawers are also Krylon pumpkin orange, ocean breeze blue, and ivy leaf. He's so adorable.

 The knobs are left overs form My orange dresser project. Love them on this dresser too!

 This is it in my little boys room! It's perfect so bright but makes the whole room seem fresh.

I know your loving the gold antlers! HAHA I love them too! Just crazy and weird enough! I can't believe how great this turned out and it only took me an hour to spray it. For the shopping list 3cans of killz original, 1 can of high gloss white krylon, and it only took about a half a can of the other three. So find your piece and spray it up!
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Trash can to treasure

For Christmas my hubby got me a box of spray paint and a garbage can. I was so excited! Haha when your a DIYer you get excited for wierd stuff. In our house we don't have a cute drawer or closet to hide our garbage. It's out in the open. Our white plastic bin was so gross. It was like the plastic absorbed every stain dirt or food smell. I was sick of it and ready for something cute. Our local hardware store had the trash cans out front and we drove by a small metal shiny one caught my eye. An idea was born trashcan meet spray paint. How easy is that.

This is where it lives now in my house. I primed with killz and a few coats of krylon banner red and done. So cute i love it. It also wipes clean and doesn't hold the smell even when you've taken the bag out.

Tada so wished I would have done this sooner. Think of all the uses for this. A dirty hamper for a boys room. Or a place to store outside toys. So many possibilities.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Liebster Award!

My super talented friend Lindsay at Linz Sews gave me this award. She is so sweet and I'm so thankful!

This award is given to favorite blogs with under 200 followers. The Liebster Rules are:
1. Post about your win on your blog.
2. Link back to the blogger who presented you with the award.
3. Copy and paste the award to your blog.
4. Present the Liebster Award to 5 blogs that have less than 200 followers that you think deserve to be recognized.
5. Let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
Picking only 5 blogs to pass this award to was kind of hard, but here are the blogs that I
wanted to share this with...

1. Michelle Federkeil Photography This friend of mine is so sweet on top of being amazingly talented. She is one who has put in the time and done the training to become a great photographer. If your in Southern Ut. she's the girl for you.
2. Zaira Benson This girl is new to blog land but is a professional interior designer. Her blog is full of amazing posts that will help keep you up with trends and know how to do it on your own. She also fills her blog with gorgeous pics so you can really enjoy all that she is teaching you.
3.The Foreign Domestic Kirsten is every bloggers dream blog. It is a one stop blog for DIY design, food, photos. This girl does it all. Not only that but she has sacrificed for our country and for that she is so amazing to me. On top of all that she takes the time to write the sweetest comments that make you feel so good.
4. The Consigner Designer Jen is so amazingly talented. Her blog is gorgeous you will love spending time here for sure. She is a professional interior designer, I love looking at ideas from people who have been school in design.
5.The Badd This is a group of talented ladies Lauren is my girl form the hood! We grew up together in Las Vegas. Now she is a mom and a wife and a DIYer. This blog is full of great decorating ideas and food and everything and anything. It's such a fun blog so make sure you stop by.
Thanks again Lindsay for such a fun award!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Love my lighting!

There are a few things in my house that I just love. Things that i think just represent me and my style so well. Things that every time I see make me smile and feel happy. My kitchen chandy is one of those things. I did splurge a little for this bad boy. It was like $130 with shipping. I looked and looked to find a used one but nothing was close to what I wanted or what I was willing to pay. Then I looked on Overstock. They have an amazing selection and great prices. My sparkling beauty looked like this

Pretty huh! The price tag was really great for a piece of this size and quality. You might think I'm crazy for what I did to it. But to make it fit in my space I spray painted it. really they made it very easy for me because they ship it in pieces which allowed me to spray it and then assemble it. Here she is now
Black and white and totally custom. Since it hangs over our table and hardly ever gets touched I didn't even prime it or anything. Just a quick shot of glossy black. I did the same thing to this small plastic chandy from ikea. It goes over my sink. They look great together. Custom lighting is only a can away!