Monday, February 11, 2013

Little sis bedroom makeover!

So this is my first total room makeover. I wanted something light clean and easy to maintain for my little sister who is 18. Her room before pics are amazing her room was a hot mess which makes for awesome after pics.


Ok now the afters. I painted the whole room a light gray. The perfect background for any color pops we want to add. 

 We used old belts and hooks to make a display for her jewelry.  She has a ton and now it's all there so she can see it as she is getting ready. Her earrings we poked through some braided belts and it looks so cute.
 This mint green dresser turned out adorable so light. It was a dark brown mess she had hid in the closet   now it's out and so much easier to use.
 This was the big fat diamond ring in this room. It totally made the room so special. It's out of old fence wood my neighbor gave me. I just hand painted the saying on and then polyed the crap out of it so it would be smooth enough she could lean against to do homework and stuff. Then we just screwed it right to the wall.
 Ok this pic sucks but you get the idea. the curtains were drop cloths. We just hung as is.

 And last of all the cute bed side lamp. As you can see the bed pretty much takes up this whole wall there really wasn't room for nightstands or lamps. So we just sprayed this bad boy gold, and hung it next to the bed. I love the touch of sparkle it adds and the weird shape. So that's about it. All done in two days and for about $200 in supplies mostly paint. It's so much more grown up and when she flies the nest. It's a calm and soothing backdrop to whatever my parents want this room to be.

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