Monday, January 2, 2012

Old fence wood growth chart

I got this idea from Pinterest don't we just love that site! It was from a blog Dear Lillie. Her's looked like this.
I loved the idea of her growth chart one you can leave out in the open and it's so cute. So when my friend gave me some of the wood from a fence they tore down I knew that this was the perfect project for it. I just measured my baseboards and then marked my lines from there adding the 5 inches to make up for the baseboards. I just used craft paint and marked my lines. I didn't want mine to be exactly like hers because my board was old and worn so I didn't want it to look like a perfect ruler. I printed the numbers out on my computer and traced them on the board and just painted them on. So easy. I used white paint cause the old wood was dark and weathered and I wanted to mark my kids heights with a plain old sharpie. It needed the contrast. So here it is I just love it and I hung it in my kitchen.

I sprayed it with a clear coat hoping it would make it easier to write on. I don't really know if it helped but the numbers sure look crisp. This project didn't cost me a dime. I just hung it using the holes that were already in it and just sharpied over the screws so you can't even see them.
You can see where I marked the boys on here. From far away you can't really see them. But I like that and up close it's easy to read. I love pinterest for all the amazing inspiration I find!