Friday, July 20, 2012

Ply wood Octopus art!

Say that five times fast! Ok It's not that hard, and either is this piece. Honestly a $20 dollar piece of plywood is now a 3ft by 4ft amazing, amazing wall art. Who doesn't have $20 bucks, and a huge empty wall? Well alot of people but if your not one of them then I totally recommend you try this. Are you ready? TADA Major Octopus

 So here's how, the how to goes. Take gigantic piece of plywood, I choose to white wash this bad boy first. Then I got my octopus outline printed it on a transparency (which you can just do from your printer) Then I traced this bad boy on  like so
 You trace all the lines and mark with an x all the places you want to drill out. This gives the pic an amazing texture and dimension. Then you take your dremmel and drill forever. I mean forever.

 Like so The attachment on now is just a sanding bit I used to smooth out what I carved away. The drill bit looks a little different. So you carve.......
And keep carving. Then you take stain whatever color you want. You could start out staining the whole board and then carve out the picture to reveal lighter wood. Or you could stain light and then fill in the pic with darker stain.That's what I did here I filled in the pic with a light oak stain. It just made it pop a little more against the white background. Then I polyurethaned the whole thing and hung it! K one last look it really is so amazing and the pics don't do it justice.

All for $20 bucks Crazy Awesome!

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