Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Trash can to treasure

For Christmas my hubby got me a box of spray paint and a garbage can. I was so excited! Haha when your a DIYer you get excited for wierd stuff. In our house we don't have a cute drawer or closet to hide our garbage. It's out in the open. Our white plastic bin was so gross. It was like the plastic absorbed every stain dirt or food smell. I was sick of it and ready for something cute. Our local hardware store had the trash cans out front and we drove by a small metal shiny one caught my eye. An idea was born trashcan meet spray paint. How easy is that.

This is where it lives now in my house. I primed with killz and a few coats of krylon banner red and done. So cute i love it. It also wipes clean and doesn't hold the smell even when you've taken the bag out.

Tada so wished I would have done this sooner. Think of all the uses for this. A dirty hamper for a boys room. Or a place to store outside toys. So many possibilities.

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