Saturday, December 24, 2011

Blue to black ornaments

So I changed my tree this year from blue and silver to black and white. So to save money I just took my blue balls(LOL) and sprayed them black with spray paint (krylon of course in high gloss black). I set up this little contraption
It worked ok I still had to take them off and spray the bottom better. But a can of spray paint is like $3 and I have no idea where you would buy black ornaments so this was a great solution. So here it is our black and white tree!

I love how you can totally tell my boys decorated it. My three year old put all those on the bottom so the branches are bending, so cute. I love it and now I feel like my Christmas decor blends in making it feel way less claustrophobic. I may keep it up all the way till New years this time!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Black and White Christmas

So our tree has been blue, white and silver since we've been married. So this year I wanted to change it up so it would match the decor of our house. So we are going with a black and white theme. I also wanted to try to do this with only stuff I had on hand so I wouldn't have to spend any money especially when things are so tight around the holidays. So I saw on pinterest all these ruffled no sew tree skirts that everyone has been making and thought perfect I could do that. I already had an old tree skirt to use as my base.
Then I had left over fabric from my living room curtains. The white is just a light cotton I use for curtain liners.
So I cut strips about four inches thick and as long as my fabric was. I put on a movie and sat my happy butt down with my glue gun and a cookie sheet on top of the ottoman for a table. I started with the black and white fabric first. I just ran a thin line of glue and then just stuck on the fabric bunching it every couple of inches to get the ruffled look.

The next row I used the white cotton. Same thing hot glue bunched up blah blah blah...

This start to finish took about 4 hours of work. I got burned I got bored but I kept at it till I got this bad boy....
Pretty sweet huh. I showed my hubby when he got home and he said, "You made that for yourself?", looking all doubtful and I laughed and told him no it's for the tree Duh! He liked it then. I can't wait to see how it all comes together. I still have a few more things to complete the black and white transformation but so far I'm super happy.